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Stop #1 - Lafayette Cemetery No. 1

1427 Washington Ave Garden District

Lafayette Cemetery was begun in 1833, and is still actively being used to this day. There are estimated to be around 7,000 people buried in this historic cemetery's 1,000 tombs. This is the cemetery that looks most familiar to movie-watchers, as it is the most-filmed cemetery in the New Orleans area, appearing in dozens of movies and television shows. There is no racial or religious segregation within the cemetery, making it unique for one of its age, and there are over 26 nationalities represented in the plots. Several noteworthy tombs include the metal tomb which was Anne Rice's inspiration for Interview With a Vampire, an Odd Fellows tomb, the Jefferson Fire Co. #22's tomb with an ornamental fire pump, and the viewable Open Koneig tomb. 

This cemetery was the city's first planned cemetery, and the layout forms a crucifix for funeral processions.