New Orleans Region Plantations

New Orleans Region Plantations

Written on 07/02/2020
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Plantations In the New Orleans Region

Plantations are a relic of a time gone by, and represent a way of life long past. They are both a testament to southern charm and a monument to the enslaved men and women who built them. Most plantation homes are works of art and craftsmanship, owing to the skill and labor of the hands who built them. Today, you can take a plantation tour and admire the peaceful, landscaped grounds while you are also sobered by the reality of the slavery which will forever be a blight on our American history. These lovely plantations serve as a great lesson from the past to us here in the present, in order to better guide our future. Take a step back in time and reflect at one of the plantations in the region surrounding New Orleans.

Oak Alley Plantation

Arguably the most famous of Louisiana plantations, Oak Alley is named for its famous alley of ancient oaks lining the path to the main house. Learn More

Laura Plantation

Laura Plantation was the only female-owned plantation in the region. The guided tour takes you through the ground and big house, giving the history and stories of the people who lived here. You will visit the cabin where the tales of Br'er Rabbit were recorded, and learn more about the hard life on a sugar plantation.  Learn More

Whitney Plantation

Whitney Plantation is the only museum in Louisiana with an exclusive focus on the lives of enslaved people. This well-researched living museum offers a glimpse into plantation life through the eyes of the slaves who built, lived at, and worked this land. Learn More

Houmas House

One of the most beautifully-restored properties in the region, Houmas House offers immaculate grounds and views, along with the The Great River Road Museum - a full history museum with hundreds of authentic artifacts. Here you'll learn the history of all the plantations and culture of the entire Gulf South region, not just this property. Several award-winning restaurants are onsite, and multiple accomodations are offered.  Learn More

Destrehan Plantation

Destrehan Plantation is one of the closest to New Orleans, making it one of the shortest drives from the city. Learn More

Stella Plantation

Stella is a lovely plantation that has been rebuilt and restored over an entire lifetime. It is not one of our region's venue and B&B-style plantations. They offer a lovely venue as well as multiple lodging styles including glamping. Learn More

Ormond Plantation

Like Stella, Ormond is another beautiful venue that also offers lodging. The beautifully-restored grounds offer a peaceful stay within a half-hour drive of downtown New Orleans. Learn More

Cedar Grove Tchoupitoulas Plantation

This restored historic plantation now serves as a wedding and events venue. It is conveniently located close to New Orleans on the West Bank of the Mississippi. Learn More

Whitehall Plantation

Located within the city of New Orleans, Whitehall is one of few remaining primary plantations still left in the city. Today it serves as a wedding and event venue utilizing the beautifully kept and landscaped buildings and grounds.