Guide to NOLA

Jazz Clubs in the French Quarter

One of the most common questions for anyone visiting the Big Easy is that of where to find real New Orleans jazz. While there are many great spots around the city, most notably Frenchmen Street, this is a list of all the jazz clubs and cafés in the French Quarter. Many of these spots are very old and historic, and offer the historic feel that makes jazz in New Orleans distinct and unique in all the world.

James Beard Winners in New Orleans

The James Beard Foundation is a highly-respected institution that gives annual awards to outstanding chefs and restaurants around the country. Even nomination for a James Beard is a huge deal, it is the culinary equivalent of being nominated for an Oscar or a Grammy. Here we'll list all the New Orleans restaurants which have been awarded prestigious James Beard awards. Keep in mind, there are many other New Orleans restaurants which have been nominated, and that is also a huge deal. If you're looking for a guaranteed incredible meal, this list is a fantastic starting place. Be sure to check out our Recommended Dining list for these and many others favorited by locals!

New Orleans Breweries & Distilleries

Take a self-guided brewery and distillery tour with this comprehensive guide to the spirits of New Orleans. New Orleans has a number of breweries and distilleries, including some of the oldest in the country. Those interested in a tour or a tasting won't be disappointed! If brewery tours are your thing, New Orleans offers everything from large-scale operations to microbreweries. We'll give you the rundown here, with a list of all alcoholic fermentations we've found in New Orleans. We've grouped them into areas, so if you're planning a multi-tasting run of it, you can go from one to the next easily.

New Orleans Coffee Roasters

New Orleans is famous for many things - music, food, spices, architecture, culture, and so much more. However, one thing that often escapes notice is actually one of the things New Orleans is most famous for, but in a very quiet way. Coffee is in the top three imports for the port of New Orleans, and the port of New Orleans is the top import location for coffee in the United States. In fact, so much coffee is imported into New Orleans that it constitutes 25% of all the coffee imported into the United States. That's right, one out of every four cups of coffee in the U.S. started in New Orleans, and many were likely roasted right here in New Orleans as well. In fact, we guarantee that if you're a coffee drinker, you've had a cup of coffee roasted in New Orleans, even if you've never been to the city. Though many locals don't think about it often, we take our coffee seriously and the bar of excellence is very high. There are so many fantastic local chains that most…

Mardi Gras

If you live here, "you already know." But for those from out of town or curious about visiting New Orleans, there are often a multitude of questions and misconceptions regarding Mardi Gras. The biggest party in the nation is bound to have a wide variety of myths and speculations from those who have never attended, so let us show you the real Mardi only New Orleans can make it happen.

Getting Around

There are many options for getting around in New Orleans, including Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs. Pedi cabs, three wheeled bicycle/bench cabs are a great option around the CBD (Central Business District) and the French Quarter.

New Orleans Quick Facts

New Orleans is a city like no other. In this true melting pot of cultures almost everything is unique, from food and music to architecture and culture. Much of New Orleans culture is closer to that of the Caribbean than the rest of the United States, and the city owes its unique blend to the influences of several Native American tribes, African-American, French, Spanish, Irish, and Caribbean cultures.