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Jack Demsey's

738 Poland Ave Bywater

Sample Menu

All dinner selections come with one side dish!

Add 1/2 lb. Dungeness Crabs to any platter for $15.00 

or Add a Fried Soft Shell Crab or Frog Legs to any platter for $15.00


Shrimp Platter                                                                  $18.95

Catfish Platter                                                                  $16.95

Oyster Platter                                                        Market Price

Redfish Platter                                                                 $18.95

Fried Crawfish Platter                                                    $18.95

Soft-Shell Crab Platter                                         Market Price

Frog Legs Platter                                                             $18.95

Boneless Chicken Platter                                               $13.95

Veal Cutlet Platter                                                           $15.95

Half & Half Platter                                                                       

(shrimp, catfish, redfish)                                               $18.95

           w/ oysters                                                                     $22.95

           w/ soft-shell crab                                                          $26.95

           w/ frog legs or crawfish                                                 $21.95

Super Seafood Platter                                                    $25.95

 Fried shrimp, catfish, crawfish pie, crab ball and a cup of gumbo       

        w/ oysters                                                                              $28.95


Broiled Shrimp                                                                 $21.95

Broiled Redfish                                                                $19.95

Redfish Pontchartrain                                                    $22.95

J.D. Broiled Red w/Seafood Au Gratin                        $28.95

Stuffed Flounder                                                             $19.95

Stuffed Crab                                                                     $17.95

Seafood Au Gratin                                                           $19.95

Steamed Dungeness Crabs                                Market Price

Steamed Lobster with Dressing                        Market Price

10oz Rib-eye Steak                                                          $19.95

16oz Rib-Eye Steak                                                          $29.95

10oz Rib-Eye & Steamed Lobster                       Market Price

10oz Rib-Eye & Surf & Turf                                         $29.95
 w/Oysters                                                               Market Price   

16oz Rib-eye Surf & Turf                                                $36.95

    w/Oysters                                                               Market Price


About (from their website)

Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant was named after a lively New Orleans police reporter for the States-Itemnamed Richard “Jack” Dempsey. Dempsey was known for having a boisterous voice, a competitive nature, and a passion for journalism. Shortly before Dempsey retired, two policemen, with whom he frequently worked, felt that his characteristic personality, in addition to his ever-present straw hat and cigar, earned him the right to have a restaurant named after him! To know more about Jack Dempsey, click here  to read an article about his life and career.

The restaurant exchanged hands for a few years until 1980 when Andrew and Diane Marino bought Jack Dempsey’s restaurant from its previous owner, Joe Kipper. Since then, the restaurant has undergone several renovations and menu changes. Now, Jack Dempsey’s is owned and ran by Diane’s son, Sammy Baiamonte, who has carried on the tradition of using family recipes to make delicious New Orleans fare. Jack Dempsey’s Restaurant is known for its “hole-in-the-wall” appeal as well as its delicious fried seafood platters, po-boys, and famous  macaroni and cheese.